Friday, June 1, 2007

hey, honey -- how was work?

A co-worker and I had a lot of fieldwork to do today and we decided to do it together on bikes, as a lot of the stuff we were doing would hav had us stopping every block or so to get out and snap some pics.

He was nice enough to take a few of me and my bike, the one I'd been commuting on in May.

Here's me and a large crack in an asphalt sidewalk.

Checking out some work for a DOT project.

Whoa! A snake! [In the lower right part of the photo -- it's about 10 inches long].

Back on the bike, this time pointing out a weird shallow gutter along a sidewalk. I'm riding the bike in the gutter. About a foot wide by two inches deep. Odd design that might prove daunting to pedestrians.