Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I'm still around

Great things have happened for me career-wise, despite a layoff in March of 2011. I am earning much less than I was in a prior position but the good news is I have a killer-long bike commute (24-25 miles one-way) and I am working within a very bike-positive community and workplace.

I'll reveal more eventually, but just wanted to let folks know I am doing OK and intend to blog more.

The past year has been a very up and down year for me on a personal note and career-wise. Cycling has consistently, along with other aspects I may choose to reveal at some point, the better part of my transitional period.

I am down to four bicycles now - two nice road bikes (carbon Roubaix and an aluminum Cannondale) and two steel less-nice bikes (27" wheeled road bike and a department store MT bike). If I had space to do so, I'd set up another home workshop and maybe build a few more project bikes, but I've been busy in the job search lately, so maybe that is a winter project for me.

More soon... which might be late 2011, but who knows?

~ NJ