Wednesday, January 26, 2011


What do you do out of "cycling season" (some of us go all-year) to stay in shape? I never downhill skied before (I x-country skied one time last year) and I went to Mount Baker last weekend to try it out.

The drive up to the mountains

The ski area

Another view of the ski area

Ready to ski (?)

Heading down the (beginner) slopes

Overall, I'd try it again. I was sore as I'd expected, but I think cycling has improved my overall conditioning in general so I wasn't as sore as I could have been if I'd not been cycling.

What do you do out of the saddle for fitness? I'd also recently caught on to racketball. More on that another time.

Friday, January 14, 2011


Notice anything about this derailleur on my old Raleigh rain bike? Why might the chain be skipping..?

Hint: look at one of the pulleys, specifically the lower one. (A good diagram of derailleurs can be found here).

Can't find it? Neither could I. Lost it on a ride recently! Had to avoid inclines and muddy, soft surface areas so I could maintain peddling. Did that for 5 miles!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Ever check out BING MAPS?

There was a Tour De France app added last year for the 2010 Tour. I just discovered it. Hoping it gets updated for 2011.

Some screen shots...

The main view...

A sample aerial shot - happens to be the finish line

I think when the tour is active BING goes link crazy and send you related cycling hyperlinks to click to your heart's desire.

oops CBC

Earlier this week, Cascade Bicycle Club tried a new online registration system for their rides.

They probably planned it out well, I know they made announcements well in advance about trying out a new online system and also had people do test runs (I participated in that effort) to "beta test" the new system.

But still problems happened. The Executive Director, Chuck Ayers, posted this statement about the situation.

Of course, the past few months have been tough for CBC, which has been hammered by ill will after the CBC Board fired Mr. Ayers, who has many supporters amongst the ranks.

I'm not leaping into the politics of it all, but I hope they got the kinks out of the registration process so I can sign up for some rides this year.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

keep your bike yours

Thanks to Kent for posting about this topic, locking one's bicycle.

Keep that new bike from Christmas yours as we venture deeper into 2011.

I've known one person who in 2010 lost their bicycle due to theft.

We hate you, bike thief!