Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Since a layoff in March 2011 from my job of 8+ years as a transportation professional, I have consistently been applying for positions in the Seattle area (WA State, west coast of USA). I netted two limited-term positions to keep me working most of that time subsequently, with only a bit of a lapse. I was generally able to keep working FT and have health benefits for most of that time while I waited to be recalled to my job or find another permanent role elsewhere.

Although one job this past year had me working less than 8 or 9 miles away from home with a straight shot (along a trail/bike path!) I didn't bike commute as much as I would have liked to, and the other job (about 9 months) at University of Washington Seattle was over 20 miles one-way PLUS the university's transportation program had an extremely convenient and affordable bus pass, which meant most days I bused to campus. I did bike it a few times but not too often, given distance (better part of two hours biking - EACH WAY!)

I am happy I have been hired by a large international employer for a full-time, permanent position. My new job is 8-9 miles away, flat, and I can travel all but a mile or so on a separated trail/bike path! I start this week and hope I can squeeze in a bike commute or two while we're still in May, Bike to Work month!

I am happy I can now give up the (seemingly) endless process of job applications and interviews.  I easily applied for 15-20 jobs a month for over a year.  I believe I had roughly two dozen interviews.

Very happy to start working soon... and hope to be biking more too!