Monday, November 28, 2011

Another Examiner article on UW bicycling

Here's another article on the University of Washington and bicycling.

Yeah, Huskies!

UW gets "bike friendly" recognition

The University of Washington (my current employer) just received a recognition for its bike-friendly programs and facilities.

The Examiner states: "the University of Washington is a note-worthy partner with the city of Seattle in the effort to increase bicycling as transportation. In addition to promotion and classes, the U has a network of repair stations across campus and provides a variety of secure parking facilities."

The UW recently added a series of Dero Fixit bike repair stands (complete with tools) on campus.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

totally rode in the rain today

Saw a raccoon that was the epitome of the term "face plant". Poor guy.

I rode 25 wet and cold miles one-way to work. Felt good at the end though. (Duh!)

Bike commuting lessons learned:
1) the wool hiking socks were good choice this morning - they got completely soaked but my feet stayed warm

2) good call on double bagging my clothes and cell and wallet in my backpack - the backpack is lousy in rain and terrible waterproofness

3) loving my DiNotte helmet-mounted light - bright and puts the light where I am needing it most

4) not paying attention to your speed, miles, data, etc. can make the riding more fun - in other words, you needn't track the data to know you're having a good time