Sunday, September 16, 2007

two other projects

I have two other bike projects I've been working on. A blue Cannondale mountain bike with a HUGE 24-inch frame and a lime green BMX style bike built by a discount store bike company called "Next". I'll try to get these rideable and then sell them off. Note: I sold the kids' Trek blue mountain bike in the prior post for $30. Helps pay for bike maintenance classes.

The Cannondale needs a bucketful of relatively inexpensive parts to be operable. Mainly it needs a new front derailleur and a rear 7-speed cassette/freewheel. I'd already put on functional SRAM grip shifters and new brake and shift cables. I picked up parts from Recycled Cycles in Seattle for about $20.

On the BMX bike it needed a new crank, grips, and pedals to be functional. I also swapped out the 44 tooth chain wheel for one with a "Mongoose" graphic. The brakes could use better adjustment, but the wheels wobble which makes adjusting rim brakes problematic or impossible. I'm into this one also about $20 for parts. Hopefully I can find a workable set of rims with less wobble... and street tires would be better than knobs.

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