Saturday, December 27, 2008


Since it snowed A LOT since mid-December, I've reluctantly put the commuter bike in mothballs (figuratively) until the overnight temps are above freezing. I've heard to many bad stories of slips and falls on black ice during the winter. We had over a foot of snow accumulate and stick around for over a week - unusual for the Seattle area.

With the holidays, I would not have typically commuted as much anyways, however, the commuting got to be such a routine for me, I miss it immensely, especially since I was seeing results with strength, weight, stamina, etc.

Luckily, from my in-laws, I got a gift certifcate from Nashbar, an online bicycling parts and supplies warehouse. I ordered an inexpensive fluid trainer, so I can mount a cross bike to it that I've had sitting around. I heard fluid trainers offered more of a road like feel than a mag trainer or other styles.

After the gift card was applied and tax and shipping were added, I only paid about $30 out-of-pocket. I'll see whether I really get into riding a trainer or not. The "good" ones are easily over $200 and the "really good" ones that output your performance to your PC can exceed $1,000.

I'll be sure to report how this goes when the trainer gets here.


mills said...

Exercise machine can be rolled in front the television set; the user will be able to watch their favorite show making their workout less tedious. The standard elliptical cross trainer is more compact and smaller than a treadmill making cleaning and storage easier as well.

Nate J said...

Thanks for commenting, Mills. In this context, though, I'm seeing a device for simulating a bicycle ride.

The positioning in front of the TV set is a good idea though - there are plenty of DVDs which are designed to provide the indoor cyclist with more to stare at than Oprah, The Weather Channel, or Comedy Central.