Wednesday, July 14, 2010


My buddy and I were out trying to get some more pre-STP miles in last Saturday. We rode into Maple Valley, into Ravensdale, around Covington, and quite frankly, places I have no clue where we were.

When we were in the middle of nowhere, on a two lane poorly-maintained rural roadway without any houses nearby, a kitten, black and white with blue eyes, maybe no more than 6 weeks old, comes darting out at my friend as we pedaled along. He shouts, I didn't know what happened, as I hadn't seen the kitten, I just turn to see my friend's bike on the highway and him sitting in a slump on the shoulder.

Turns out, he hadn't hit the cat or anything, he just plopped down to cradle the scared kitten. I played traffic control waving off the two or three subsequent cars or heavy trucks blasting on by. That kitten surely wouldn't last long there if it was left where it ran out onto the road. We speculated it might have been dumped there by someone.

Still, we were into the ride about halfway of about 75 miles total. And we didn't have a practical way of carrying a live animal with us. So after five attempts, we successfully placed the cat far away from the roadway and were able to pedal away down the road.

The subsequent remainder of the ride was somewhat somber, my friend kept lamenting his GFs house wasn't far away and that coyotes would make a meal out of that little guy if an eagle didn't first. I tried to say that it might have a chance, but not really believing that to be true either.

We finished our ride and went back to our houses.

I get a text message (with photo attached) about 40 minutes later that read:

And a follow-up text:

Here's Pedals...

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