Monday, August 16, 2010

family time and fitting in cycling

An anonymous commenter recently asked if I ever spent time with my family. I didn't post the comment, as I suspected initially it was a barb directed at me given recent changes in my personal life this past year. However, after thinking about it more, I realized it could be that the person genuinely was interested in whether I saw my family, given their knowledge of my life is limited to what is reflected here online.

I do see my children often - and I spend time with them more than a lot of fathers, even those who are still living with their kids under the same roof. The parenting arrangement is between their mother and I, not anyone else. Their mother has not given me any indication that scheduling has been unsatisfactory as far as she or the children are concerned, in fact, I have agreed with the plan proposed by her, not the other way around. Additionally, she has requested that I refrain from posting personal details about my life and the current situation.

My kids
Rachel - posed for the pic as she wears a helmet when riding at all times


I started cycling because I did not want to end up on a slab at the morgue at 38 years-old, a very real possibility according to my physician at the time. I was overweight (230+ pounds) and had extremely high cholesterol and developed high blood pressure. Medicated and unhappy, and seeing my life ending before seemingly it had ever begun, I happened upon cycling in 2007 as a means of improving my health. This blog, amongst other things, has chronicled this journey. I started with the goal of saving money on prescription drugs, co-pays, and add years to my life. I didn't want to die before seeing my kids through high school and college, and enjoying grandkids.

I am telling you today sitting here at about 165 pounds that my life and health have changed and changed for the better - I eat salads now and enjoy it. There have been some personal struggles and failures I have been dealing with in the past year which are independent of my bicycling activities. I am attacking the future head-on with positivity and zeal. I no longer will tolerate negativity and pointless criticism. I will allow time and expect God to judge me.

A book of inspiration for me was "Heft on Wheels" by Mike Magnuson. I would suggest anyone wanting to make a paradigm shift in their life read this book, especially if cycling could be the answer.

I do not want to see my friends and colleagues, a generation of great men, become victims to their diets, careers, and lifestyles. Refuse to succumb to what society thinks is "good enough" and stretch the paradigm. A medicated, overfed, and undernourished lifetime is not enough for me... nor should it be for you or anyone.

Others who have slimmed down through cycling...
Frank Kinlan

...I'll add more as I find them...


Anonymous said...

You cant document EVERY aspect of your life, to gain peoples attention and then complain, or become irritated by comments that people make and attention either good or bad you may receive. You are about 5 minutes away from being Kate Gosselin.
You obviously want the attention, or why would you have a blog, what is its purpose?
No matter how much of your life you want to share with friends, strangers, it is still your life.
But since your putting it out there, people may give unwanted, but maybe needed advice

Nate J said...

Thanks for your comment and perspective.