Tuesday, October 26, 2010

more pics - and a note about my job, bike commuting, e-bikes, and assorted fluff...

[Thank goodness for autosave - I thought I'd just lost this posting a few minutes ago!]

I have a few more bike-related pics to share with you from my new-to-me phone.

I took these first two during my trip to Seattle one day (DRIVING!) for a Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC) Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC) meeting.

I saw this e-bike parked out front. I suspected a member of the committee might have ridden it over to the meeting, perhaps.

I have wondered whether e-bikes (I am not familiar with the model in the photo) actually benefits the commuter as much as a lighter bike (but built strong for hauling commuters' needs) with good gearing would *or* on the other hand, would a commuter be better-equipped with a bike designed with low-maintenance simplicity for multi-modal flexibility, like bike-to-bus, bike-to-train, ferry-to-bike, etc.

Regarding that last notion, this interesting bicycle was toted into the building by Every Day of the Bicycle Alliance of Washington. It is a Strida folding bicycle.

I think it is a Strida LT model - single speed, belt-drive, with disc brakes. Cool color too. I think the MSRP is $600, which might seem a little steep, but if it stimulates fewer car trips and more exercise - plus, stows away easily in an apartment or office, then it might be very well worth the price for some. There is a nice review on tree hugger's website. A video of it folding is below.

I don't have an answer other than to say I think both can co-exist, and they have, and every other option in-between. Despite what YLBS (your local bike shop) might tell you, there are a lot of people on the wrong bikes, wearing the wrong clothes, equipped with the wrong lights and bags, etc. but it is right for them. I have enjoyed David Madajian's take on setting-up a commuter bike.

Interesting to note... the Strida is an UK-invented bike. This week, I'd sent a US-designed innovation, a 1980s Stump Jumper, to the UK! Here's the last pic I took on my last ride on this 1980s "Stumpy".

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