Friday, February 27, 2009

Riding into 2009

I'm starting back up commuting by bike next week. I've been sticking with riding a trainer indoors a couple times a week and some light weight training - a term I still like to call "dry land" work outs a leftover from my days in highschool as a swimmer. Since we shared a pool with another highschool, they got into the pool first, and we had to wait (weight) it out in the weight room. We called this part of our training the "dry land" training.

Also, our REI dividend (like a rebate check) arrived today with a 20% off coupon that can be used towards bicycle gear including REI (Novara) brand bicycles. Tempting to move up to a road bike, but I think I could more immediately use a light weight rain poncho type jacket and/or a reflective outer layer.

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Phil's Grill said...

Nate from Renton. We had the drawing for the Grillin'opoly board game 2/28 and you are the winner! If you could shoot me an e-mail as to where you want me to mail the game at I will get the game in the mail to you this week.