Monday, June 7, 2010

bikes in the 98057

I saw quite a few bikes out and about in Downtown Renton (WA) in the past few days while riding with the kids.

Here's Rachel on her current bike (she doesn't know what might happen for her pending birthday) just before helmeting-up to go ride. We were hanging at the Liberty Cafe.

Must be a family out for Indian food at Naan and Curry!

Check out these avid reader-bicyclists' bicycles at the Renton Library (actually, since the annexation vote was approved, now it is technically the King County Library System Downtown Renton Branch).

The question I would ponder is whether the bicyclists would have made the trips prior to the racks being available or whether the availability of some sort of bike parking helped and to what degree.

Here's a good overview of considerations for installing bicycle parking.

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