Thursday, June 24, 2010

my poem about the naked bikes at Fremont Solstice


There is good naked and bad naked, that is what I have found.
You don’t need to venture too far -
you’ll find the answer right here near the Puget Sound.

I ventured last week to the city, to an event celebrating solstice,
there I found a parade, a naked loud parade, one that you’ll be sad you missed.

Before the parade started rolling - came people on bikes painted in all hues,
costumed, bedazzled, flaccid and floppy –
all splayed out for cameras with the TV news.

Riders honked and hooted – in high heels and some bare footed
they circled and rode straight, popped wheelies and rode figure 8s
they waved and they giggled and as they did, their parts jiggled
Like Godiva perched upon her steed,
a smile and a bike was all a rider would need –
to feel a part of this controlled insanity,
witnessed by thirty thousand others and me.

But is this “good naked” or “bad naked” I had to think.
It was quite cool that day, so some things tended to shrink.
Others were affected by the pull of gravity.
By the end of their run, I felt like a dentist, having seen so many cavities.

So good or bad, you decide – I won’t vote – there’s no loss or win.
But please don’t judge me next year – if you see me in green paint and a tube sock on my Schwinn.

[as performed by Nate Jones at Liberty Cafe, Renton, WA, 6-23-10]

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