Friday, June 4, 2010

read the post but enjoy the comments

Much like I read through many cycling magazines not for the articles, but for the ads (and many articles coincidentally, of course, do tend to be written about the products being advertised - funny how that works), I find any blog posts or news articles about cycling recently seem to be overshadowed by the posts left in the comments section.

Here is a recent blog post affiliated with the Seattle PI regarding last month's Bike to Work activities. There are 131 comments and counting.

The comments range from TriplePac's "Road tax by Gross Vehicle Weight. Howzat for reality (and "fairness")! Let's Roll!" and spaceagepolymer's "Interesting how the people who are against bikes seem to be against everything. I bet you're fun to be around." to an unregistered user's "Seattle people are the dumbest people on this earth!!!! All you care about is being 'green' without any logic or forethought. Morons!" and another unregistered user's "This is an awesome article. Biking to work is really stupid and self-righteous."

And SeattleSounder slips in "Arguing in blog comment forums is kind of like racing in the Special Olympics... you may win the race, but you're still a retard."

And there's many, many, more.

So, read the article, feel free to comment here or on the PI web site. I just wondered whether citizens of other metropolitan areas have nearly as much built-up angst against a mode of transportation or if this is just a Pacific Northwest thing.

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