Sunday, May 13, 2007

bike to work #2

Have you ever noticed that when you're out of breath, any pair of dogs looks like killer attack dobermans?

I did bike commute (including some walking on the steep uphill portions) on Friday the 11th. Towards the last steep leg, while I was walking with the bike, two Weimaraners and their owner came walking up behind me about 10 yards away.

As I was walking pretty slowly by that point, they were closing the distance pretty quickly. I was watching cautiously over my shoulder and I saw them streak off into the bushes -- so I thought I was in the clear. As I turned to face forward, I startled them (as they did me) as they actually popped out of the bushes ahead of me, with me between the dogs and their owner. I paused, positioned my bike between myself and the dogs as they approached to sniff me out. I said "hey, pups" with a neutral reaction from the dogs. As the owner got closer he said "they're good girls" or something to that effect and "they look similar to an aggressive breed, but they're sweethearts who'd lick you to death". Sure enough, they were nice and benign, but I'm always cautious with dogs I don't know.

The other things I noticed during my commute: gloves would be helpful, as would a better front splash guard; riding into a light wind is still riding into the wind; car fumes really stink when you're starved for oxygen, diesel is even worse! I also experienced how irritating it is when a property owner doesn't maintain the vegetation nearest the street and it grows into the shoulder of the street where you'd like to walk or ride.

This next week features the Bike to Work Day on Friday, May 18th and I intend to bike several times this week, including Wednesday and Friday.

The teams are racking up miles and I am very happy to hear from several who are new to bicycle commuting who are already racking up 20 or more miles per day!

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Anonymous said...

Dobermans are awesome dogs, very sweet and affectionate.
It's the stupid owners who TRAIN them to be aggressive. Same with Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Akitas, etc...
There is no such thing as an aggressive breed, and if that lady said something like that about my Doberman being aggressive I would've smacked her upside the head.