Thursday, May 3, 2007

Personal Goal

I wanted to join the bike to work contest for this month. It is a region-wide contest trying to encourage people to consider less-impacting commute alternatives. With gas going up to $3.33 a gallon and beynd, this was appealing to me, as was having the opportunity to force myself to get some exercise.

I am also a employee transportation coordinator for our workplace. I am the one who issues bus passes, forms carpools or vanpools, distributes incentives for bicycling to work, etc. I feel somewhat I should lead by example. We live about two miles one-way from my workplace, but we are on top of a long hill with a lot of traffic.

I took a look at my work schedule and determined that out of the number of weeks the contest is going, I can likely participate 14 days. To qualify for some prizes, one must bicycle to work at least five days during the month. I am trying to go for the full 14 days. To do this, I marked off the calendar for the days I needed to remember to bring in clothes to work for the following day. I also brought in soap, shampoo, etc. so I can get cleaned up at work after the ride in. I should note our workplace also has a changing area with showers and lockers.

We'll see how this works out.

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