Monday, May 24, 2010

bike to work pics

Our bike station from 2009...

It was set-up along Burnett Linear Park in Downtown Renton, in the South Renton Neighborhood. Weather was good, we had the support of a local bike shop and coffee shop, the local neighborhood dropped by, and we had a pretty good turn out.

For 2010, here's our pics (I'm in yellow)...

We had fewer people (a few dozen) this year - it was overcast and rainy for part of the morning, we didn't advertise as much this time, had coffee, but didn't get the set-up with the bike shop dialed in like we could have. We've decided to get better organized for 2011 and do it up even more. Last year too, I had a lot of freebies to distribute - this year, I did a raffle for one gift basket of about $150 worth of commuter gear.

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