Saturday, May 29, 2010

Spokane trip

I've read some bicycling blogs lately where the writers recently visited Bellingham, WA or Spokane,WA. I've visited both places recently (I am posting this from Spokane, in fact).

Here are some pics I snapped in Spokane this weekend. Not many, I admit, but they struck me as interesting, showing some of the pro-bike attitude of what I (erroneously) thought was a pickups and asphalt kind of town.

In the river park, with paths for bicycles and pedestrians to share, it was interesting to see this kind of trail marking, though there were plenty of "no bikes" or "no pedestrians" signs around town too.

Sort of a different approach than my city is considering.

Auntie's Books had a window display of cycling books for Bike to Work month. :)

I did see this ghost bike in Spokane but wasn't close by to take a photo. A reminder for everyone to watch out for cyclists.

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