Wednesday, May 12, 2010

flattered, I guess

OK. Spoke cards was not an original idea by any stretch when I came up with the idea to do a run of them last year for our D-I-Y bike commute station in our town. There's two wedged into the spokes of the Green Bike pictured below at our bike stop last year.

But, spoke cards were enough out of the mainstream that most cyclists, especially roadies [who didn't want to clutter up their more-expensive-than-my-monthly-mortgage-and-made-out-of-a-material-which-is-only-found-in-stealth-bombers bikes], and even more so were the noobs who hadn't been on a bike since their vacation to VA Beach three years ago who considered the act of riding *in the street* and spending the workday with "helmet hair" to be edgy and counter-culture enough.


I cannot help but feel a mix of slight annoyance (because we were going to do this again this year) and a slight bit of pleasure that the promoters of the region's BTW month activities have made up spoke cards for this year's event.

In fact, the principal reason I stopped working on developing a spoke card this year was due to me not wanting to sit at a commuter stop and hear 300x in three hours: "Hey, you guys did spoke cards too? Just like the Bike Club did this year!"

Still. Big props for them doing this. This year, we'll have to come up with something edgy, like a bag of poo you lash onto your seat post. Then next year, everyone will want one.

[Note: I might be a little bit peeved about this - more so than I normally would be - because our award-winning film contest entry was also somewhat "hacked" - concept was snatched - by someone recently to enter a different contest. I would have happily assisted them with producing their film, and done so without compensation if I was extended proper credit.]

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