Saturday, May 15, 2010

bikes as advertising/displays

Two (actually three, but only two pictured) businesses in my city (Renton) use bicycles as part of their displays. The places are all eateries (two pubs, one cupcake and coffee place) which have nothing to do with bicycles, well, one (not pictured) has a Fat Tire brewing cruiser bike made by Electra(?), so that is related to beer at least.

Common Ground Coffee and Cupcakes has a yellow (Felt, I think) and black taxi-themed cruiser. They lock it up to the rack they put out in front of their shop.

Irish pub, a Terrible Beauty, just mounted a JC Higgins English (racer?) style bike to the wall of the stairs to the second floor of the building. Classic 3-speed Bendix hub and full fenders and a basket make for an attractive display.

Dog and Pony ale house is the third place I've been that has the bike on display behind the bar.

And we cannot forget kinetic bike art at Go Deli!

Shoot me some pics of businesses in your city which use bikes as part of a store display or what-not... they can be bike shops or other establishments. E-mail me at thesoftwarewiz AT yahoo DOT com. Be sure to provide your name for credit, the location (city, state, country), and the shop or establishment featured in the photo and any other details known.

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