Thursday, February 18, 2010

"bike hoboism"

I recently submitted a few pics to Matt at the bicycling blog known as Bike Hacks regarding my co-worker's obsession with duct taped gadgetry and doo-dads. Matt's been accused of being a "bike hobo" by adding trinkets to his bike and my co-worker also could be cut from the same cloth.

Here's my co-worker's Jamis... click here to check out the detailed pics Matt posted to Bike Hacks.

As a side note/update from this morning, yesterday afternoon this co-worker with the Jamis wiped out while riding, dislocating a shoulder. He's OK though and his bike is OK too. Apparently, while grabbing something that fell (I'm a bit unclear on this part - fell off his bike? Fell out of a pocket?) he clenched his brakes to stop, but grabbed the brake for the front brake and flipped the bike over, dumping him on the ground. Wishing him a speedy recovery...

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