Friday, February 5, 2010

new bike(s)

I got a new 2009 model close-out bicycle - a really nice bicycle recently - more on that eventually. What I also picked up (from a guy selling off lots of stuff since he's moving to Europe) recently are two new-to-me older bikes: a '96-ish Cannondale R600 and a 19?? Gary Fisher Big Sur.

The Cannondale has some rough spots, but frame is in good condition with only minor paint scrapes, and as seen below, is still pretty dirty. It goes through the gears well and stops fine - though I am replacing the brake pads ASAP and need to true the rear wheel slightly. Of course, I am noticing that an aluminum frame road bike is very different feel from the steel Allez I was riding last weekend (25 miles around the south end of Lake Washington - sold it this week since the frame was considerably small for me) and for a few rides prior.

I was principally interested in the Cannondale but the Big Sur was sort of an impulse buy, like buying batteries at the grocer's check-out stand. For the price, it couldn't be beat. It was like the price of two really decent road bicycle tires. Also, I figured even in the general dirty condition it was in, it rode well (like the Cannondale) and being a GF, would be worth fixing up if it needed a lot of R&R. Plus, I am always eager to take a new bike up each summer camping season for running trails with the family or friends.

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