Saturday, February 27, 2010

product review: GloGlov

To enhance my visibility to drivers while doing low light bicycle commuting, this past fall I bought a pair of reflective gloves manufactured by the GLO GLOV company. Also, it seemed most of my cycling jackets did not have a lot of reflectivity or visibility to motorists when I was signaling to make a turn.

I purchased the regular "original" version, designed more for traffic cops or construction flaggers, and it cost me about $20 for the pair. [I'd figured if these were bright enough for cop to direct traffic with, they'd be suited for me making my intentions known to drivers]. I found them at a shop which specializes in police and medic uniforms and gear. A friend who rides motorcycles also told me he has a pair of these when he's out riding in similar low light conditions.

Me sporting the Glo Glovs before a ride...

As the manufacturers' web site details, these gloves are "USA-made retro-reflective glove for multiple uses." The product has shown it is "breathable and lightweight" and it does "stretch... for wearing over most gloves". That's the biggest issue to get around for me. The style I bought has a big stop sign in the palm which can hamper your ability to grasp handlebars or braking/shifting controls and this might be even more pronounced if the wearer's hands are smaller. However, the enhanced visibility offered by the reflective material surpasses the potential bulkiness of the palm. Worst case, someone could in theory remove the palm reflective piece.

The Glo Glov people must have had similar comments from other cyclists, as they have a different product with a padded palm and no reflective piece on the palm. It's the Sport Glo Glov. It is described as a "specially designed USA-made cycling glove for outdoor sports with an added sure-grip palm." With short fingers, it is designed to fit over a thinner cycling glove if necessary. At sbout $23, I likely would have bought this product instead of the original Glo Glov, had I known it was available.

Note: I am not sponsored by or otherwise affiliated with the manufacturers or marketers of this product.

Added note 3-3-10: from the manufacturer of GloGlov "the Original GloGlov has the triangle palm and not the Stop Sign, which is for police,etc traffic control. I wasn't aware of it slipping if they are worn over other gloves. The reflective is not only sewn on but is strongly adhesived to the material, like you said it would be better to use the Sport for serious riding."

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