Thursday, February 11, 2010

follow-up post --> installing Bike Brightz

I recently mentioned I received a package from a company that makes and markets Bike Brightz to have me and my kids install them on our bikes, test out, and review the product.

I installed the lights this week and shot some photos of the process.

Here's a photo of the Bike Brightz packaging. I liked the fact it is easy to open - something rare in this day and age when you find a product that isn't either completely encased in a near bulletproof plastic or boxed up in a styrofoam cocoon.

What's included in the Bike Brightz package... two AAA batteries, two zip ties, a protective rubber "gasket" (to fit between the light and the bike frame to protect the bike paint), and the lighting unit.

Installing onto the downtube of a kids' bike with the supplied zip ties (bike pictured upside down). If you can fasten a zip tie, you can install this light unit. Not pictured was me slipping the batteries into the unit just prior to this shot.

The installed product... turns on with a simple push of a button on the unit. It cycles through steady or multiple speeds of flashing.

Here's another I mounted to the downtube on my Cannondale road bike.

One issue I had with one of the kids' bikes related to the downtube installation location. Since her chainstays (another manufacturer's recommended installation location) were short and/or cluttered with a chain/chainguard, I only really could install the light on the downtube. Her downtube is curved a bit allowing for a gap between the frame and the light unit as in the photo. I am sure I can fashion something a bit thicker to pad the area (like a piece of old/extra thinner helmet padding) and keep the unit from slipping around - however, with the zip ties tightened, it is still pretty secure as-is.

Next and final installment: riding impressions.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Bike Brightz company in any way. I did not receive monetary compensation for this review from BB or anyone else. I did, however, receive this product for testing purposes at no cost to me.

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