Sunday, April 11, 2010

I've attended my first road race

Today I went and worked support for the cat 1-3 womens' race in Brady, WA with my friend, Rob.

We drove 20mph behind 30 racers, with two other support/safety/officials' vehicles for 72 miles.

We carried spare wheelsets (for those who brought back-ups for themselves) and were there in the event something went awry. Luckily, we only had two situations pop-up. In one case someone's wheel broke a spoke. Unfortunately, they did not bring a spare wheel. Later, a competitor who lead the pack 35 miles got bad leg cramps in the final lap and we hauled both she and her bike to the finish.

We had a good time, though it was a long day (9:30am until about 7:00pm).

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