Thursday, April 8, 2010

this sounds like a cool ride, after the STP

I suppose after I tackle the STP, I might consider a 104 miler to be "easy". LOL.

Check out the STMB (Sound to Mountains Bikefest) 2010.

Described by the Levee Breaking web site as:
...104 mile road ride begins @ Magnuson Park in Seattle, with up to 1,000 participants riding from Seattle to North Bend over the course of the day. The beautiful, occasionally hilly route takes riders North to Snohomish before winding through the Snoqualmie River Valley to end at the base of Mt Si in North Bend, WA.

And even better...
Riders hop off of their bikes surrounded by mountains, fields of blueberries, concert stages, food, beverages & brews, bike art, NW bike makers and community bicycle proponents. Registered riders will recieve 3 day passes into the festival.

I hope I could find someone to join me.

Note: The Levee Breaking is "a support-the-arts project based in Seattle" which produces projects "that strengthen and unify music, performing, art and film making communities."


Jesse said...

hey! did you ride this last sunday?

Nate J said...

Nope - I didn't.