Monday, April 12, 2010

product review follow-up: Jimi wallet

Last month, I bought a Jimi wallet I said I'd test drive for a while. Well, here it is about a month later, and I thought I'd give a follow-up of how Jimi is lasting so far.

From the outside, we see that well-packed, Jimi has a gap or bulge when stuffed.

This is different from the wearing Jimi in the front pants pocket bulge. Like a Copenhagen can in a back jeans pocket. And I generally tuck Jimi into the left pocket and stuff keys in the right.

Cracking Jimi open reveals the cash stuffed inside (I don't generally carry a wad like this, but this was for testing purposes) and the two sides of Jimi, the credit/debit card side and the ID side.

The credit card side was able to squeeze in 4 cards total. 5 is impossible and less than 4 is feasible, but 1 or 2 might slippy slidey around in there. Getting the cards out takes a bit of practice, like learning to light a Zippo by flipping it onto the side of your thigh without torching yourself, but it is easy enough to do. Just don't try it for the first time at a 12 items or less line in the grocer's.

The ID side has a slide out part (or maybe I broke it...LOL) that allows easy access to ID cards, bus passes, etc. I slipped in a work ID, driver's license, a few medical-related or insurance cards (very slim ones), and a bus pass.

Overall, I'd say the pros about this wallet are:
1) locks in all of the items you might take along with you on a ride - things don't slip out like they do if you had a traditional tri-fold or bi-fold wallet
2) slimness is great - unlike a traditional wallet, this still stays pretty slim provided you mind how much you're trying to cram in there
3) EZ clean - anyone who's slipped a leather wallet into a jersey pocket and later reached for a sweaty (or weather-dampened) mess will appreciate Jimi's durability against moisture

The cautionary notes:
1) if you like to stuff, you won't be friends with Jimi
2) if you don't like people asking questions about your wallet, then Jimi isn't for you
3) it is not approved for a countermeasure to bear attacks - if you are in the wilds, bring another primary bear attack preventative

Note: I did not experience bear attacks while using the Jimi wallet, however, I am not completely convinced Jimi is the sole cause for this not happening.

You can find more about Jimi on the manufacturer's web site. I'm waiting for a womens' purse - as opposed to a mens' purse, I guess - made of the same material, but they could call it the Jenni. Stranger things have happened. Look at Uggs, Jellies, Crocs...

And as always a disclaimer... I am making ZERO money from writing this blog. I paid for this wallet with my own funds - if I got a free sample I would have disclosed that. I am not affiliated with the Jimi people or other manufacturers or sponsors or bears.


mike said...

Nate, Mike O'Neill, Jimi designer here. Thanks for your balanced review. Yes definitely watch out for the over stuffing. Your pic sent shivers down my spine. Jimi's designed to help you pare down, and will not last if overstuffed - hence our warnings in the instructions. And yes there are rumors that Jimi does contain a secret formula containing bear repellent molecules, and that it works against vampires too. All I'll say is staying away from bears and vampires is the best way to avoid injury. Tread boldly.


Nate J said...

Thanks for commenting, Mike. I did set out to destroy Jimi, quite frankly, but was amazed that it has continued to perform as expected! And maybe "destroy" wasn't the right word, but instead I aimed to use it just like I probably would have.

I will strive to pare down as suggested, and really on a ride, outside of a medical insurance card, ID, some cash, and maybe one credit card or debit card, what else is needed...?

Nate J said...

And Mike, what about my idea for a "Jenni" a smallish womens' purse made out of Jimi's special plastic...?