Thursday, April 29, 2010

Our Mayor responds to the tragedy on the CRT

The Mayor of Renton has responded to the tragic accident on the Cedar River Trail.

David Hiller, of Cascade Bicycle Club, has a post on his blog about this incident. He offers the following suggestions to cyclists to be safer.

Simply put, there are things that bicyclists can do to minimize the potential for and severity of collisions:

1) Slow when others are present — you can’t know how other trail users will react when you’re overtaking. Going slower gives you more time to react AND will minimize the severity of a collision should one occur. No one’s heart-rate or wattage is worth endangering others. If you “need to go full-out”, do it on the road, on rollers, or on your trainer — not on a trail.

2) Use bell or voice when passing — just like the ubiquitous signs say. If you’re concerned that there’s confusion among pedestrians as to what “on your left” means, try something else like “passing.”

3) Pass safely. It sounds like a no-brainer, but I see bicyclists passing into oncoming traffic, passing two-abreast, and passing too closely daily. Pass single file. Wait for oncoming traffic to pass before pulling around slower trail users. Works best when combined with 1 & 2.

4) Ride single file when others are present and stay as far to the right as is safe to facilitate overtaking. If you travel at a speed below the posted limit on our regional trails, make it safer and easier for faster riders to pass.

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